Danelle Parker - Motivational Speaker and Life Coach
Danelle Parker - Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

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"I attended one of Danelle's small group sessions in 2013. Attending different groups at the time and at a low point I had no xpectations. I have never been so quickly affected and to that degree. Walking out of that session I can honestly say I was a different person. Since then I have felt my life turn around and I now find such beauty in everyting I do. I attend Danelle's classes whenever she has them, each one building on that life changing moment years ago. Thank you Danelle."
 -Stacey Brombeck

   Carlsbad, CA

"I had issues, and I mean issues. I grew up in and out of trouble and always felt like I would end up in a bad way. A girlfriend of mine recommended I see and talk to Danelle to see if she could help. I was skeptical but agreed after some prodding. After meeting her, my girlfriend paid for three 1 on 1 sessions. I am not going to say it is a miracle but at the end of the second session I prepaid for three more. That was five years and many sessions ago. I never knew what being happy was much less expect to feel it. Danelle has guided me with patience and love into seeing the same me in a whole new way. If there is a story for her, then I am it! I now have a steady job and am about to get married to the very same girlfriend who took me to her. I look forward to living each day instead of hoping it was over. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for myself and my family. Thank You!

 -Samuel Trolnick

    Vista, CA

"Hi, remember us? We met you while on vacation from New Hampshire last year. We must have talked for hours, you were so amazing! We ordered some of your pre recorded messages, not sure if you knew they were for us but OMG! What a change. We listen to them in the car and together every now and then. Both of us feel better, our relationship is better and I have such a new view on the future. You are AMAZING! We wish you all the best of luck as the world needs to hear your message. Thank you so much!"

- Todd and Carol Hickonson

 Amherst, NH

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