Danelle Parker - Motivational Speaker and Life Coach
Danelle Parker - Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

Starting Session and Compensation Chart

Listed are base services and compensation levels only. Danelle will typically run over on time without charge or

work out a custom pricing plan with you depending on your needs. Information below is a starting place.

Danelle retains the right to alter these prices at any time depending on the job, always with prior discussion.


All Sessions must be paid in full before scheduled start time.

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30min Recorded Message

1 30-45 minute, pre recorded message

directly to you from Danelle on the

issue of your choice or goal.

Digital Download. MP3 Format.



30min Llive Phone Call

One on one coaching time with Danelle

for at least 30 minutes. Please specify if

you would like todiscuss a specific

subject in pre meeting communication.



1hr Live Phone Call

A one on one session between

you and Danelle

for at least 1 hour minimum.



1hr In Person Coaching

Private personal coaching with Danelle

for at least 1 hour. Local to San Diego and

greater area. If out or region travel

expenses are covered by the client.




1 30min Recorded

Message for 4 weeks

1 30 minute pre recorded message

per week for 4 weeks from Danelle to you

on the issue or goal of your choice. 

Digital download MP3 format.

4 x 30



1 30-45min Call Per

Week for 4 Weeks

Pre buy and save!

4 scheduled 30 minute calls

for just $225. Buy 3, get one FREE.

4 x 30



Family Session - Working

with Family

(Up to 4 members at once)

Family is most dear to Danelle. Working

in person with her family package can

help. "1st" 2+ hour session just $275. 

Rates will vary on second session

depending on work to be done.




Group Session - Group

of 2 to 5 with a

2 hours minimum

Pre schedule 3 days in advance.

Let me work with your group

of 2-5 people (flexible) for motivation,

healing, drive or productivity.

2 hours minimum for just $325. (Over

2.5hrs optionally charged at regular

hourly rate of $175 at Danelle's

discretion, 1 hr minimum)




4 One Hour Live

Sessions -1 Per Week

for 4 Weeks

Get dedicated coaching with Danelle at

big savings. Regular $175 an hour, pre

buy 4 hours for just  $525!

Buy 3 get 1hr Free.

4 x 1



Custom Services


Have a function out of town

or special need? Danelle offers

package and group deals for all

kinds of occasions. If you may

need more then the basic listings

please contact us through the

Contact page for a 

special quote.




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